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What is this?

This is the work-in-progress website of the :F server family and mod for the Q3 clone game called OpenArena as you surely know, that's why you are here. The server is located in Frankfurt with a superb low latency connection for european players. It runs a mod called failmod with some nice features in the beginning to enhance and make the casual pub baseOA CTF gameplay playable, but later - as it grew and temporarily resurrected the otherwise dead game as a sideeffect - received some competitive features too, to play higher quality games.

The mod is based on version 0.8.1 (the one-and-only-true-version) of OA, running on a modded 0.8.8 engine, with a modded vm and an autodownloadable clientside vm, + equipped with a sophisticated featurerich adminscript.

Always stay up to date! Latest news:
2018-11-18 NEWS:
UPDATE: Master server is back, order restored! Everything should be back to normal.


Serverlist is empty and you don't know what to do!?

That's BAD LUCK :-(

You can try one of the solutions listed here!
These methods work, but they take some time! Please be patient!

EDIT: Alternatively you can try a quick fix (a so called hax!), but it involves using the console and typing a command (ie: connect) with an argument (stupidctf.tk). Opening the console itself is a skill and depends on a lot of things, for example your keyboard layout. In worst case it might be performed using a keycombo (Pressing two keys simultaneously! SHIFT+Esc).
Applying a command isn't that straightforward either; you have to use a special symbol as a prefix (for example: / ) without a preceding whitespace, otherwise the command gets interpreted as a chatline. To top it all, this symbol can lean either on its left or right side! ( / or \ )

The bottom line is: unfortunately the alternative solution is beyond the scope of the news section and requires its own page with screenshots and detailed instructions.
ps: if you could figure this out, drop a :20003 at the end before you hit Enter!

EDIT2: Good News!!! Here is a simple step by step guide:

1) Start Openarena

2) Press SHIFT+Esc, a window will drop down with some text in it.

3) Type this VERY carefully! Doublecheck all the characters!

/sv_master1 master.ioquake3.org

4) Click Multiplayer like you used to, pick your preferred server (it is always :F stupid ofc!)

5) hf!
2018-09-11 NEWS:
Stupid and Insta also got the latest (033) update (force enemymodels, colors, crosshairs, etc. Don't forget to /cg_forcemodel 1 first!).
If you don't change anything in your cfg, everything should look and feel the same as before. However if you played on a server before that already did set the same cvars added to 033 (or you copied cfgs across mods) you will see things have changed.
You should be able to revert back to your old settings you got used to, or use the new cvars for a more personalized cfg.
Enemy and team colors do not work in spec. Join!
Read the news carefully, especially this one, check cvars!
2018-09-07 NEWS:
Callvote text and demorecording text overlaps: You can move either the cv one or the RECORDING one.
2018-08-11 NEWS:
The match won't start until teams are even to prevent to notorious case of:

>15 minutes in, they still not ready
>game never starts
>someone has enough and leaves or joins spec
>game immediately starts with lopsided teams

"But we want to play 3vs5!" -- fine, there are many other servers out there ;)

Hint: you can keep everyone's readystate during a false-start (when someone says wait) by joining spec for a moment. No need to @restart.

Borrowed some crosshairs:
/cg_drawCrosshair <value>
    0  disables crosshair
  1-9  baseaoa 085+ crosshairs (colorizable)
10-27  AS crosshairs
28-36  baseoa 081 crosshairs (not colorizable)
If you have a hard time seeing the default crosshairs it is strongly recommended to try the new ones! They are so much easier to see.
2018-03-24 NEWS:
fm033: pm skins and louder model sounds. (only at genius yet)

IMPORTANT: If you can't connect anymore to genius after this update because YOU or a lovely serveradmin f*cked up your config follow the instructions here, especially the DELETE part! If you receive an error msg with instructions try that first! Also try setting /cg_forcemodel 0 /cg_enemymodel "" and /cg_teammodel "" (yes, there is nothing between the two "s), but only if you are experiencing problems! ie: could not connect, type those, try again! Other thing you should do is setting your own model in the menu to default sarge!

The following models have pm skins now: smarine/pm sarge/pm major/pm.

Select models with:

Select colors with:

Enable forcing by typing /cg_forcemodel 1, then select the model you want to use as enemy with /cg_enemyModel smarine/pm, and for example /cg_teamModel major/pm for your team model! Notice the trailing /pm after the model name! If you want to colorize it, you should add 'pm'! You can still select the standard bright green sarge (as that one looks the best) with /cg_enemyModel sarge/default (or any other model) and use only a pm skin for your own team, if you don't like the plain white sarge for example.
Note: Both model cvars must be set to make it work, otherwise you fall back to old /cg_enemyAlwaysGreen behaviour.

The settable colors are in hexadecimal RGB notation with a preceding 0x like in QL and other OA mods.
Here is a sketch to have an idea about the format of the cvars and their values, and to imagine how the colors would look on models. The penis on the right represents the enemy with default settings, while the dildo on the left means your team.
Click the buttons to change colors! The corresponding cvar in the middle will change on-the-fly! Copy-paste the resulting settings into your autoexec.cfg! (Find help here on locating that file)

Team head color
Team torso color
Team legs color
Resulting autoexec.cfg:

set cg_teamHeadColor 0x
set cg_teamTorsoColor 0x
set cg_teamLegsColor 0x
set cg_enemyHeadColor 0x
set cg_enemyTorsoColor 0x
set cg_enemyLegsColor 0x
set cg_enemyModel smarine/pm
set cg_teamModel major/pm
set cg_forceModel 1
Enemy head color
Enemy torso color
Enemy legs color

Note: in-game the models are much brighter than these because of gamma. The default slight pink tint is barely noticable.

Tip: Always keep the thin lightness slider (on the right side of color selector) at the top, you want bright skins afterall! Select the desired color from the top of the hue selector (the large rectangular area), then carefully click lower vertically while keeping the hue (the horizontal position) intact. You should receive a nice usable brightskin color!

Alternatively, you can just use /cg_forcemodel 2 to force enemy to smarine/pm and your team to major/pm or /cg_forcemodel 3 for your team as major/pm, enemy as sarge/pm, however specifying a model with cg_enemymodel and cg_teammodel takes precedence.

Note: Disable your old /cg_enemyAlwaysGreen setting if you use pm skins instead, by setting it to 0!

Tip: you can still force sounds while using pm skins with /cg_enemySound and /cg_teamSound!

IMPORTANT: These cvars are NOT archived by default! If you have found a nice color-combo you should do a /seta cg_enemyHeadColor 0xRRGGBB for each of the color cvars followed by a /writeconfig q3config.cfg to have them archived! Otherwise if you quit OA you LOSE your settings! However, adding them to autoexec.cfg or a separate cfg file is the preferred and recommended method.

Sarge and Smarine received superloud sounds, Major was already loud enough. Default value for forcesound is not that useful anymore, consider forcing sarge or smarine instead!
If you are coming from stupid or insta the sounds will still sound quiet. /quit the game, restart it, connect to genius again, enjoy!
Read more!