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what's this anticamp thing?

in the past few weeks an increasing number of players were crying because of campers, you might have noticed.
'anticamping' is trying to autimatically annoy these so called campers.
those who cried because of campers are crying because of anticamp now, that's an other issue:)

- how does it work? who is considered a camper?

at any given time, your current location is compared to all your previous few (15*) seconds' locations.

if you were further away than 800 units at any time in the last 15 seconds from your current location, than you are fine:
you are not a camper. (for example you were 1200 units to your right 5 seconds ago, you just stopped because you are 
fighting with someone hiding behind a pillar)
however if it's not the case, it means you spent your entire last 15 seconds inside a 800 units diameter sphere ( = you are camping)! 
you are given a warning and a few seconds to leave this sphere. a countdown starts, dont worry, you have time to act.
just start strafing away!

or alternavitely - if you are in that kind of things - you can imagine it as you were running around the map inside of a 800u diamater
sphere. you are always in the _center_ of this ball, it is covering you. you have serious diarrhea and you are constantly pooping.
it's very very hot - not that scene, but in general, the temperature is hot - so the poop is drying in a really rapid pace. it takes
15 seconds for the poop to dry after it left your anus. if you can see any undried poop _outside_ the ball it means you are OK!
if all the undried poop is inside your ball you should start moving in order to leave the still undried poop behind! you can guess
if the poop dries before you manage to distance yourself away far enough (= to get it outside the sphear) you still remain a camper,
you need to get the fresh poo outside of it!

imagine if the sphere cant be seen through. if the players see your fresh poo, it simply means you are a fresh guy ( = not a camper)
it's as simple as that.**

- what happens if the anticamp counter reaches zero?
you will commit suicide, will lose 10 points from your score and you'll be publicly humiliated by other players for being a camper!

- im just typin why is it killing me
learn to touchtype!
sorry, you can't pretend you are chatting while you are just camping.
or you can just join spec and messagemode2 there all day all night long.

- why is my counter counting while im strafing over 600u/s?
you are still areacamping even though you are not awere of it.
you are strafing with all the fresh poop inside. dont worry in 1 or 2 sec some of them will be outside!

- this whole thing sucks!
no, it just needs a lot of tweaking. finding the right settings for each map. and maybe other seperate rules too for specific spots prone
to be camped (ex: oasago railplatform: a "leave platform asap" msg right after spawn and counting, ps37 behind stairs, etc)
anyway, calm down! you are just killed once when you are caught camping, it's not a big deal at all. you are killed 50 times ingame normally.
you can just respawn like nothing happened. you were just temporarily displaced from your camping zone.

- i have the flag!
obviously when you are carrying the flag you are immune to the anticamp killer.

* as of writing, g_anticamptime is 15 seconds, g_anticamprange is 800
11 seconds and 900 range were slaying too many 'benevolent players' (upped the time and lowered the range because of the massive uproar.
however those nicks i saw killed by anticamp were mostly campernicks)
too long time renders the whole thing useless though. campers are killed before anticamp kills them.

** sorry, i was really tired writing down all this shit

updated the algo, it should be much better now even with less time allowed!
still needs some improvements. patience please