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failmod (since v0.10) has its own colorpalette. the usual color codes are extended to ^a-^Z and some special characters.
here is how they look like with all the available colors to chose from: (the letters indicate their respective colorcodes)

how to colorize the name??

open the console and type /name "^Ffu^Cc^Fk ^qyou"

colors 9-[a-y] are vibrant saturated colors residing about equally spaced on the edge of a colorwheel.
the main colors are skipped because you can find them in the good old [1-6] range.
consider these letters: e f g h i j k l m
they are green letters, coming from yellowish green, green, to blueish green.
letter g is almost pure green,but it has still a slight yellowish tint. letter h doesnt have any yellow but is starts eating up some blue now!
you guessed: insert the full green (color code ^2) between them to make the transition perfect. now you get it! same pattern for all the other codes!
quite autistic, we dont want to waste letters! sorry about that, deal with it!
these are perfect for spicing up the dull allsolidcolored names. add some gradient!

the next group consists of letters through z-[A-R] they are variations of the main colors.
example: light red 'z'. dark red 'A', very dark red 'B'. you can figure out the rest!
another example: light orange 'C', dark orange ( = brown) 'D', very dark orange ( = dark brown) 'E'

group [S-Z] almost black - almost white (true white is still ^7)

the next group are the usual ^0-^8 colors. you are familiar with them from 081 (^8 from 085?)

special char group:
these are superlight variants of the main colors (in order: red yellow green blue cyan purple).
they are super cool.

ps: black and 085ish orange are allowed in names without any double escaping trickery.

and yes, a hexcode color table will be available!