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How to DJ?!

Here be the comprehensive DJ guide some day. The commands and guidelines on how to be a proper DJ.

A quick summary of the commands:

@put clientnumber team
Puts player with clientnumber in desired team. team should be: r b s
Shorter version is @r <cnum>, @b <cnum> and @s <cnum>.

@kick clientnumber
Kicks the player from server. @kickmap kicks for the duration of current map. @kickauto kicks automatically forever.

@lock, @unlock
Locks or unlocks the teams. Note: this is a soft-lock which means it locks spectators out. Players can switch and mix and go spec freely. It is a feature!

Use this when /cv shuffle is bugged as usual!

Update: not buggy anymore!! (?)
Restarts current map, superbuggy makes everyone temporarily lose their powers. Change your name or model or join your own team - eg: /team r if you are red - after using it to regain DJ powers. You automatically regain them when the game starts though.

There are many more commands depending on your DJ Level. Check out them with @whoami. Do not apply them if you aren't sure in their effects!

Type the commands with a dot instead of the 'at' sign if you dont want to be exposed. Like this: .put 4 s ; .kick 13 ; .whoami The commands won't be printed for everyone.

These few are already enough for proper dj'ing, the list will be complete and formatted SOON.

Yeah... that sohpisticated and featurerich it is xd (under the hood it is!)