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2022-05-29 NEWS:

1. map: hdsagoalpha
2. map: letgo_02
3. map: facer2d
4. map: minictfarena
5. map: dactf1
6. map: q3ctf1
7. map: mx3ctf8
8. map: mg_final
9. map: q3flogger1
10. map: ctf_spaceship
11. map: xcm_ctf4
12. map: canned
13. map: ctf_gate85
14. map: ctfscp3
15. map: ctf_inyard85
16. map: dust
17. map: ev_tpmc
18. map: god_dam
19. map: frenzyctf
20. map: god_race
21. map: kirei
22. map: maddctf1
23. map: eg_ctf1
24. map: moonstone
25. map: mctf
26. map: mlctf1beta
27. map: rota3ctf2
28. map: rota3ctf1
29. map: watadry_beta3
30. map: woohaa
31. map: hydronex3
32. map: ctf_spaceship
33. map: ctf_compromise
34. map: ctfscp3
2020-10-07 NEWS:
Have you ever wondered?

"Why am I capturing and fragging that much each day when at the end of the month all my stats just disappear and I'm back to square one again?"

Good news: Eventually it turned out all your efforts, your frags&flags wasn't in vain. Go to GENIUS SPECIAL stats page to see your stats for each year and even for server lifetime!

Track your progress, notice your improvement year by year, be it accuracy, k/d, captures, or anything! Or the opposite, realize how unmotivated, burned out and old you became not only by feeling but through the raw cold numbers.

Even better when you compare yours to your mates' (no homo)! No clickable public profiles (yet?), you have to take a screenshot and post it to your clan's discord channel.
No clan yet? Find or found one!

Notice: Yearly special stats are only for genius server. Stats were reset during switching host somewhere during 2017 iirc.

Note: Your qkey file is your key to your stats!
You can delete cookies, change IP or even delete the game itself until your qkey file is safe you will be recognized again and you will regain all your past games and stats!
Make sure you always have a copy of that file in a safe place! Upon reinstalling the game copy your old qkey to the new location if you want to keep your stats!
2019-10-27 NEWS:
YES, the server is LAGGY :(

Let's hope it will just go away:)

Update: looking good now!
2019-03-27 NEWS:

New cvars:

Play with values between 0-5! They are some test shafts, you should find at least one usable thin style for your liking (best is still 4 mipmapped baseoa style though)

Allows changing graphics to picmip 0 setting, regardless of current r_picmip setting. The parameter for this setting is a sum of these not-to-be-mipped objects:
1 - LightningGun shaft
2 - PlasmaGun bolt
4 - Rocket Launcher explosions
8 - Grenade Launcher explosions
16 - Bullets (machinegun and shotgun)
256 - Smoke puffs
Note: /r_picmip value blurs the textures. The higher the value the more blur is applied. It can be benefical, as it removes the clutter: you can concentrate on the things you should concentrate on without the annoying sharp textures and it can even give you a couple of fps too. However it blurs rocket explosions lightning bolt and other objects that you don't want to blur, /cg_nomip comes to the rescue.
IMPORTANT: Apply a /vid_restart every time you change either cg_nomip or r_picmip to take effect!

Display yourself in teamoverlay with this one! Should be 0, the default as it only takes up valuable space, adds zero information but only confusion. You know your own health and position already.

Cvars with new possible values:

/cg_drawFriend 8
This one uses the same colors as the recommended /cg_drawFriend 3 but uses the max damage that specific teammate can take instead of raw health only.
Example #1: If someone has 100 health and 70 armor the indicator will be blue because they can take 169 dmg before dying = virtual mega territory, hence blue. Old cg_drawFriend 3 behaviour would result in a white friend mark.
Example #2: One has 20 health + 150 armor. With /cg_drawFriend 8 the friend indicator will be yellow because of virtual 20+40=60 health. Old /cg_drawFriend 3 is red.

/cg_damagePlum 2-3
A setting of 2 colors each number based on its value. From 1-25 will be blue, 26 to 50 yellow, 51 to 80 orange, 81 and greater red.
A setting of 3 is almost the same but uses white (as old plum 1) instead of blue because blue can be annoying and does not make too much sense anyway.

These are not yet mentioned in cvars, but the older ones are well documented over there. Have a look!

Gameplay changes:

PUs dropped with /drop keep counting down preventing the possible abuse, PUs dropped by normal killing or any selfkill method still keep their remaining powers.

Grabbing the flag gives two points as opposed to 3.

Some minor bugfixes:

- Callvotes work during timeout.
- Restarting the map during a timeout informs the clients the timeout is over.
- Other minor fixes.
2019-03-14 NEWS:
Unsatisfied Big White Clock fetishist at genius will be satisfied by setting /cg_drawTimer 2 first, then by playing with hud_clockTAB cvars.

Don't forget to use /seta and /writeconfig q3config.cfg!
"Low ammo warning" text can be displaced with hud_ammowarningy.
Interracial Clock lovers will be happy with hud_clockfg and hud_clockbg.

More info in cvars!
2018-11-18 NEWS:
UPDATE: Master server is back, order restored! Everything should be back to normal.


Serverlist is empty and you don't know what to do!?

That's BAD LUCK :-(

You can try one of the solutions listed here!
These methods work, but they take some time! Please be patient!

EDIT: Alternatively you can try a quick fix (a so called hax!), but it involves using the console and typing a command (ie: connect) with an argument (stupidctf.tk). Opening the console itself is a skill and depends on a lot of things, for example your keyboard layout. In worst case it might be performed using a keycombo (Pressing two keys simultaneously! SHIFT+Esc).
Applying a command isn't that straightforward either; you have to use a special symbol as a prefix (for example: / ) without a preceding whitespace, otherwise the command gets interpreted as a chatline. To top it all, this symbol can lean either on its left or right side! ( / or \ )

The bottom line is: unfortunately the alternative solution is beyond the scope of the news section and requires its own page with screenshots and detailed instructions.
ps: if you could figure this out, drop a :20003 at the end before you hit Enter!

EDIT2: Good News!!! Here is a simple step by step guide:

1) Start Openarena

2) Press SHIFT+Esc, a window will drop down with some text in it.

3) Type this VERY carefully! Doublecheck all the characters!

/sv_master1 master.ioquake3.org

4) Click Multiplayer like you used to, pick your preferred server (it is always :F stupid ofc!)

5) hf!
2018-09-11 NEWS:
Stupid and Insta also got the latest (033) update (force enemymodels, colors, crosshairs, etc. Don't forget to /cg_forcemodel 1 first!).
If you don't change anything in your cfg, everything should look and feel the same as before. However if you played on a server before that already did set the same cvars added to 033 (or you copied cfgs across mods) you will see things have changed.
You should be able to revert back to your old settings you got used to, or use the new cvars for a more personalized cfg.
Enemy and team colors do not work in spec. Join!
Read the news carefully, especially this one, check cvars!
2018-09-07 NEWS:
Callvote text and demorecording text overlaps: You can move either the cv one or the RECORDING one.
2018-08-11 NEWS:
The match won't start until teams are even to prevent to notorious case of:

>15 minutes in, they still not ready
>game never starts
>someone has enough and leaves or joins spec
>game immediately starts with lopsided teams

"But we want to play 3vs5!" -- fine, there are many other servers out there ;)

Hint: you can keep everyone's readystate during a false-start (when someone says wait) by joining spec for a moment. No need to @restart.

Borrowed some crosshairs:
/cg_drawCrosshair <value>
    0  disables crosshair
  1-9  baseaoa 085+ crosshairs (colorizable)
10-27  AS crosshairs
28-36  baseoa 081 crosshairs (not colorizable)
If you have a hard time seeing the default crosshairs it is strongly recommended to try the new ones! They are so much easier to see.
2018-03-24 NEWS:
fm033: pm skins and louder model sounds. (only at genius yet)

IMPORTANT: If you can't connect anymore to genius after this update because YOU or a lovely serveradmin f*cked up your config follow the instructions here, especially the DELETE part! If you receive an error msg with instructions try that first! Also try setting /cg_forcemodel 0 /cg_enemymodel "" and /cg_teammodel "" (yes, there is nothing between the two "s), but only if you are experiencing problems! ie: could not connect, type those, try again! Other thing you should do is setting your own model in the menu to default sarge!

The following models have pm skins now: smarine/pm sarge/pm major/pm.

Select models with:

Select colors with:

Enable forcing by typing /cg_forcemodel 1, then select the model you want to use as enemy with /cg_enemyModel smarine/pm, and for example /cg_teamModel major/pm for your team model! Notice the trailing /pm after the model name! If you want to colorize it, you should add 'pm'! You can still select the standard bright green sarge (as that one looks the best) with /cg_enemyModel sarge/default (or any other model) and use only a pm skin for your own team, if you don't like the plain white sarge for example.
Note: Both model cvars must be set to make it work, otherwise you fall back to old /cg_enemyAlwaysGreen behaviour.

The settable colors are in hexadecimal RGB notation with a preceding 0x like in QL and other OA mods.
Here is a sketch to have an idea about the format of the cvars and their values, and to imagine how the colors would look on models. The penis on the right represents the enemy with default settings, while the dildo on the left means your team.
Click the buttons to change colors! The corresponding cvar in the middle will change on-the-fly! Copy-paste the resulting settings into your autoexec.cfg! (Find help here on locating that file)

Team head color
Team torso color
Team legs color
Resulting autoexec.cfg:

set cg_teamHeadColor 0x
set cg_teamTorsoColor 0x
set cg_teamLegsColor 0x
set cg_enemyHeadColor 0x
set cg_enemyTorsoColor 0x
set cg_enemyLegsColor 0x
set cg_enemyModel smarine/pm
set cg_teamModel major/pm
set cg_forceModel 1
Enemy head color
Enemy torso color
Enemy legs color

Note: in-game the models are much brighter than these because of gamma. The default slight pink tint is barely noticable.

Tip: Always keep the thin lightness slider (on the right side of color selector) at the top, you want bright skins afterall! Select the desired color from the top of the hue selector (the large rectangular area), then carefully click lower vertically while keeping the hue (the horizontal position) intact. You should receive a nice usable brightskin color!

Alternatively, you can just use /cg_forcemodel 2 to force enemy to smarine/pm and your team to major/pm or /cg_forcemodel 3 for your team as major/pm, enemy as sarge/pm, however specifying a model with cg_enemymodel and cg_teammodel takes precedence.

Note: Disable your old /cg_enemyAlwaysGreen setting if you use pm skins instead, by setting it to 0!

Tip: you can still force sounds while using pm skins with /cg_enemySound and /cg_teamSound!

IMPORTANT: These cvars are NOT archived by default! If you have found a nice color-combo you should do a /seta cg_enemyHeadColor 0xRRGGBB for each of the color cvars followed by a /writeconfig q3config.cfg to have them archived! Otherwise if you quit OA you LOSE your settings! However, adding them to autoexec.cfg or a separate cfg file is the preferred and recommended method.

Sarge and Smarine received superloud sounds, Major was already loud enough. Default value for forcesound is not that useful anymore, consider forcing sarge or smarine instead!
If you are coming from stupid or insta the sounds will still sound quiet. /quit the game, restart it, connect to genius again, enjoy!
2018-02-13 NEWS:
Try some preconfigured statusbars:
/exec hud1
/exec hud2
/exec hud3
/exec hud4
/exec hud5
if you are too lazy to set your own!
Or /exec huddefault if you don't like them.

Tip: You can use one of the preconfigureds as a skeleton and modify only the settings you don't like!
2018-02-12 NEWS:
Crosshairs are not eggshaped anymore when using a weird resolution by default.

cg_crosshairAspectRatio to the rescue if you prefer the good old 081ish eggshaped xhairs (I do!). The value is a float - you can even set custom egginess - ie: 1.5 draws an egg. 0.5 an egg on it's side.

Drop things with /droppowerup /dropweapon /dropflag and /droparmor or use the universal (to have less binds) /drop to drop the powerup if you have one or the flag if you have one or a weapon if you don't have any of the aforementioned items. It accepts an argument: "powerupfirst" or "flagfirst" to change the order of precedence.
For example: You have a powerup and you are the carrier, and you have this bind: /bind g drop flagfirst. Pressing g will drop the flag, pressing again will drop the powerup and again it will drop your weapon.

If you want to get good also consider using /kill as the ultimate tactical superdrop! It drops the flag, the powerups, your current weapon and it drops dead you too at the same time! When you are on low hp and there isn't any immediate danger it is superuseful: you will respawn anyway with full hp!

Customize the statusbar with hud_TAB elements. The hp, armor, ammo, the flag and their icons can be moved and resized.
The cvars are:

hud_ammox hud_ammoy hud_ammow hud_ammoh hud_ammog hud_ammoix hud_ammoiy hud_hpx hud_hpy hud_hpw hud_hph hud_hpg hud_armorx hud_armory hud_armorw hud_armorh hud_armorg hud_armorix hud_hpix hud_armoriy hud_hpiy hud_flagx hud_flagy hud_flagis hud_ammois hud_armoris

x y are coords, w and h are font widths and heights, g is gap between numbers, i means icon, s stands for size.

More info at cvars.
2018-01-24 NEWS:
s_ambient : The washing machine at mkbase, the torches at sago, the horses at cp1, and all the annyoing looping ambient sounds can be disabled with this one.

cg_crossHairHealth needs 2 as the argument to colorize the crosshair, and it matches the HUD color health now not the 088 colors. Needed to be 081 friendly (there are so many with tainted configs coming from 088 servers set to 1 but prefer white xhair and 081 ui does not have the option to turn it off), ugly setting but you can understand why.
2018-01-21 NEWS:
With this new bot-balancer seeing 9vs9 while it's 9vs7 in reality became annoying (wasn't a problem when bots left when it was more than 2v2). Fixed, the 'vs' field counts only humans.

There is a /+acc command to view your accuracy while playing, bind it!: /bind +acc v, press v in-game. It will show your acc if you are playing, otherwise if you spectate someone you will see his/her acc. (If you are idling in spec not following, your acc will be shown)
(The old serverside-only hackish .acc way still works)

Individual weapon accuracies are displayed anyway at the bottom of the screen when the scoreboard is visible - the board is visible if you press your +scores bind or you die, so don't really have to bind +acc. Just use your scoreboard bind (Tab by default)! Or even better: just simply die! VoilĂ !

Some cvars were added or their function have been modified: (click for detailed description)
  - cg_flagStatusStyle
  - cg_teamOverlayFontSizeOffset
  - cg_teamOverlayHealthBar
  - cg_accBoardAlpha
  - cg_accBoardTint
  - cg_scoreBoardAcc
2018-01-20 NEWS:
When the losing team has less players a bot (or bots) join to help out the struggling team until someone switches or says the magic word ('TEAMS') or until they start winning with less players. When teams become balanced the bot leaves. This feature is only active at 'stupid'.

Joining to make really weird teams (more than 2 teamsize diff) is not allowed anymore, even when trying to join losing team. (The infamous ragelosejoin, when the winning team quits, and noone is switching from losers, noone is autoforced, the 'winners' start ragelosejoin. But why? They will be the first to be balanced back to their old team.. and their advantage's gone)

2018-01-18 NEWS:
The long-awaited cvar list is finally getting ready!
New cvars are incoming, brace yourselves!

Replaced getgood with the cvarlist; Weirdly enough, it was receiving the most hits. Ppl just click on getting good - yes, shouldn't have been that quick adding non-existent menu items: cleaned up, no more dead menus.
Click on the cvars instead and get good! Things are always slower than first thought - maybe one day the site will have a proper getgood guide for all the remaining 9 players who still play this game and still aren't good.

And the mini-live has gotten even more awesome.

2017-12-28 NEWS:
the snow is slowly melting but the railjump stays.
2017-12-25 NEWS:
Merry Christmas!

/cg_snowFlakeSize is a new cvar, mentioned. (even though it is just temporary)
if you want to disable that effect, use /cg_railStyle! see below! (earlier news)

you might barely see sh*t including your crosshair, because people don't think the snow be like it is, but it do. play with /cg_drawCrosshair /cg_crosshairsize /cg_crosshaircolorred /cg_crosshaircolorgreen /cg_crosshaircolorblue to make it somewhat playable. or wait a couple more days - and spend your time on more meaningful things - until the weather turns warmer again and melts it away!
2017-12-20 NEWS:
the superbright green triangle was confusing and required too much brainpower to distinguish from forced green enemies. it is not that fully saturated bright green anymore. almost white, with a touch of green. the original bright one was moved to /cg_drawFriend 7 and even that one is not that bright anymore.

default railtrail is /cg_railStyle 4 now.

rockets are picmippable again like they used to be in baseoa.

teaminfo is much more responsive (and the friendsprite too).

month is selectable for mystats and mygames, killmatrix.

2017-12-17 NEWS:

railshot colors are now forceable for your team and for the enemy!

the rail trail style is selectable from preconfigured styles. the core in general is fatter now, more easy to see, not that puny anymore. maybe at first it looks weird coming from baseoa but in the long-run it is a better choice for sure.

    1 similar to baseoa's /cg_oldrail 0, but nonmippable and the core is much stronger.
    2 same as 1, but the swirl is more emphasized. it's a good choice if you don't force swirl color for your team!
    3 this is almost like baseoa with oldrail at 0. puny core with swirl, picmippable. (the swirl is not!)
    4 only the core; but the new strong one.
    5 mippable core only, and the old one from baseoa. exactly like cg_oldrail 1 in baseoa
    6 the new fat core with raildiscs like in old q3. this too might be a good choice: force only the core 
      for your team or even for enemy! to distinguish between players but still see if the rail is from your team or enemy!
      play with /r_railWidth! 48 and upwards for cool looking disks. the oa default is way too low!
    7 same as 6 but mipmapable.

the color of all enemy rail trails will be forced to this color. single digit numbers only force the CORE of the trail! use double digits to force the swirl/disks (depending on /cg_railstyle) too! for example /cg_enemyRail 62 will force the swirl/disk yellow (6) and the core green (2)! (yes yellow and green because of the railcolor palette, see below)
use 0 to skip forcing either the swirl or the core! like this: /cg_enemyRail 40 this will only force the enemy's secondary color (the swirl or the disk).

accepts the same values as the forementioned /cg_enemyRail but affects your team's (and yours) colors

a good practice for competitiveness could be if you force enemy's rail fully, ie: /cg_enemyRail 76 (white, yellow core) and your team's /cg_teamRail 50 only partially, so you can see immeditaly who is railing there (or was a few seconds ago with eg: /cg_railTrailTime 3000
you could agree with your team to use different /color1 vars, as that setting defines the railcore color.

you can even go as far as forcing enemy rail's color partially, (THE CORE) to an easy to see color like yellow /cg_enemyRail 6 and leave their swirls or disks unforced! it means their /color2 will be used! if they are using different /color2's each, you can see immediately who fired that shot!
force your team's railcore to a more faint color, like red or blue (1, 4) - more easy to distinguish - and leave the swirl to their /color2.

the colorpalette does not match oa's naming and console color convention, but its railcolor palette. those you use for your /color1 and /color2. weirdly, they are different:/ and went with those colors in the mod to keep it baseoa friendly.

    1:	blue	(001)
    2:	green	(010)
    3:	cyan	(011)
    4:	red	(100)
    5:	purple	(101)
    6:	yellow	(110)
    7:	white	(111)
it is actually a 3bit RGB color. the highest bit is red, the mid is green, the lowest bit is blue
for example you get purple by adding red and blue: binay 101 = 5; cyan is green+blue: 011 = 3;
yes, could have gone with full rgb notation (ie: #ff7700) but at the end of the day people force green or yellow or something simple, don't they?

NOTE: neither of these cvars are archived by default, use seta (ex:/seta cg_enemyRail 22 if you found the setting of your choice to stick with it in the future.
or edit your autoexec.cfg.

rockets and their explosions are not mipped anymore, will be selectable in the future, (i preferred the /r_picmip 4 rockets).

damageplum numbers are more easy to see, hopefully they don't fade into background that much anymore.

2017-12-15 NEWS:

/cg_drawFriend that triangle you see above your teammate's head.

0: mod and server default it is a yellow triangle with a size of 14
1: yellow
2: this one is good. the rectangle changes color depending on your teammate's health! the colors correspond to the HUD hp colors. ie: if you see a white triangle it means that player's hp is between 80-100 as you would see in your own HUD with that many hp
the thresholds are (hp has to be above!):
  0	red	;danger
 33	yellow	;not too ok
 80	white	;okay. (not railable at least!)
100	green	;above 100, fresh spawn or picked up 5hp bubbles, not directrocketable
125	blue	;mega zone
3: same as 2 but more steps. yellow by default is a too broad range, and was split here. the bottom range of yellow is orange. and bottom red is dark red.
  0	dark red
 10	red
 33	orange
 55	yellow
 80	white
100	green
125	blue
4: the triangle gradually changes color from red - white - green depending on hp of 0 - 100 - 200. for example 13hp will be quite reddish 89 is almost white with a touch of red. 196 is green
5: same as 4 but red - white - blue
6: white

the size of the triangle. mod default is 14 right now. it means if you are using 0 (0 means mod default setting in general in fm) it results in a size of 14. oa default is size 10, and it was like that in fm until now!
max allowed size is 30

at genius you can see your mate's position thru the walls for more teamplay. (not sure whether it will be kept this way.)
and the wh glow around the flag carrier is gone.
pul1's floor is not that awfully bright anymore.
2017-12-11 NEWS:
333fps cheaters will not be happy about the change at genius: fps is limited to 250 max. use 125, that is the q3 industry standard fps! maps were made for 125.
in console: /com_maxfps 125
also, if you played there last night at about 11pm your maxfps setting is likely compromised and was set to 250. sorry, a bug:(
fixed, but you should fix your config!
2017-12-10 NEWS:
a new (test) site as you can see.

the good news is: from now on once you have been recognized, you can change IP! the server links your cookie to your guid instead!
finish a game (even is spec) and refresh the stats page to be recognized!
2017-12-07 NEWS:
these seemed to be the most missed by the most, so here they are:

- /cg_weaponBobbing stop the bobbing of your weapon with 0

- /cg_crossHairPulse you can disable the pulsing of the xhair when picking up items

- /cg_crossHairColorRed , /cg_crossHairColorGreen and /cg_crossHairColorBlue

the crosshair cvars are floats!! for example /cg_crossHairColorRed 0.33 for a third fullness of red; red 1 green 0.5 blue 1 results in a pink xhair. you can figure out the others. it's basically RGB with numbers between [0-1]

come, help us inflating the bubble! use @bitcoin (or @btc) often!
2017-11-11 NEWS:
- avgspeed is back (some people missed it)
- default chat fontsize is bigger. many play on small laptopscreen with low res. do not worry, you can customize it with /fm_chatFontSize and /fm_teamChatFontSize as usual (ok, default is maybe too big now. stay tuned)
- genius lost the nailgun and the proxylauncher :/ more weapons = more fun but geniuses don't like fun. also it is 5v5 max now
- damage numbers on website (oh well not done yet. in a few)
- minor fixes (eg spectator hears the flagdrop now, ready during intermission....)
- /cg_drawready if you are bothered with that text occupying the whole screen. -1 disables completely other numbers do something
- /cg_motdtime in seconds. that annoying infotext in spec. it goes away if you want. there is a minimum number though
2017-04-12 NEWS:
yes, this is the new server.
your rights should be back soon
2017-02-14 NEWS:
zooming is a bit faster by default (100ms, was 150ms). /cg_zoomTime 150 for the old behavior, 1 for immediate zoom

the shotgun shoots 22 pellets now with 5 damage each. it used to be 11 pellets and 10 damage: a full blast is the same 110dmg as before
however it has just a slightly bigger spread now: 800 vs 700. shouldnt be noticeable.

these skins are already available, so why not:
/cg_enemyAlwaysGreen 4 : enemy white, your team's color is your actual teamcolor
/cg_enemyAlwaysGreen 5 : enemy pink, your team white

damageplums are not affected by zoom anymore, the shotgun also received the plums.

+some minor things as usual
2017-02-10 NEWS:

/cg_forceEnemyFootSteps you can - guess what - force the enemy's footsteps. to either:
1 mech. skelebot, smarine and idk who else. this is a good choice
2 flesh. iirc gargoyle makes these sounds when walking, a really good choice imo.
somewhat reminds me of keel.
3 energy. ayumi's energy skates. no
4 boots. no
5 normal. no

/cg_matchEndSound -1 to disable the bell at the end if you dont like it.

/cv shuffle shuffles teams and restarts the map. doesnt need a dj anymore. it's still random though! not skill based (yet)
/cv afk <cNum> if someone is afk, no need to kick. btw /cv is short for /callvote. hint: in general /cv clientkick <cNum> should be used for kicking. do not do /cv kick weirdllI1|ongassname!

teaminfo is updated more frequently now (400ms)

fixed the announcer sounds for spectators
not following: you wont be disturbed with flagreturn tunes, etc
following: correct sounds will be played (no more sad trombone when your team captures, etc)

and lot of minor additions and bugfixes noone will notice.
2017-01-16 NEWS:


/cg_enemyAlwaysGreen 1 : enemy green / own team red or blue, depends on actual team
/cg_enemyAlwaysGreen 2 : enemy green / own team white
/cg_enemyAlwaysGreen 2 : enemy green / own team pink


/cg_forcesound 1 : enable forcing teamsounds
/cg_enemySound ayumi : all the players of enemy team will make ayumi sounds
/cg_teamSound sergei : all your teammates will sound as sergei
/cg_mySound assassin : your model sound. this one seems sometimes buggy

you can pick any baseoa model's sounds
pick LOUD sounds as enemy. ayumi is a good one, but might be annoying. penguin is also an annoying good choice
pick loud sounds for your team but a different one. maybe even diff gender
pick a silent one as your own model

will add some more custom sounds, like loud sarge, distorted sarge, etc

pm skins soon! or not that soon, these should be totally fine even for pros

you have to edit your config files to make these settings permanent! they will not be autosaved yet!!
/fs_homePath enter your CTF folder edit autoexec.cfg with a texteditor! create it if it does not exist! open q3config.cfg to have an idea about the format.
2017-01-10 NEWS:
free rocketjumps and fast swimming at stupid!!! hurry up, get them while they last!
2017-01-10 NEWS:
2016-12-13 NEWS:
/cg_flagdropsound 0-4
/cg_flagdropsoundenemy 0-4

0 is mod default, -1 disables.
thx fxr for the dropsounds!

default chatbeep is not that loud anymore. old baseoa beep is at /fm_chatbeep 9. try 10 and 11 if you prefer baseoaish. maybe there is 12 too i dont remember.

ps: these cvars are still not automatically archived
2016-11-30 NEWS:
a general facelift, the whole thing looks much better now!

some new cvars:
/cg_statusBarStyle 0-4. 0 mod default, 1 old oa style. i prefer 4, less clutter
/cg_statusTeamBackGround 0-5 that red or blue rectangle obscuring the statusbar. you dont need it if you remember which team you joined. (or use 2, 3 or 4, they are less annoying)
/cg_weaponBarStyle 0-4 4 is recommended, it looks soo good! (or 3 maybe)
/cg_weaponBarOffsetY if you are using style 4, you can move the whole weaponbar on the y ordinate with this cvar

ps: use cg_hitbeepstyle 2 if you want symphony on stupid. 0 defaults to baseoa's beepstyle there
ps: the mod's vars are not archived by default (still in test phase) set it in your autoexec.cfg if you want them to stick! ( /fs_homepath, CTF folder )
2016-10-24 NEWS:
:F ctf for GENIUSES
/connect stupidctf.tk:20003

plus: brightskins, unlagged projectiles, damageproportional hitbeeps, a nicer hud, and much-much more (this page is way too small to list them!)
come, discover it yourself! evolve from stupidity finally, be a GENIUS!
minus: the /+forward afktards, the retarded teamshooters like ceppy, the ragequitter turds. the full of hatred morons.

hint: behave like a true genius. rampant stupidity is not tolerated over there!
2016-10-22 NEWS:

/cg_pusherDisplayTime your pusher's name displayed in upper right corner in ms. /cg_drawpusher -1 to hide it
/cg_hitbeepstyle 0 for moddefault: pitch depends on damage (LEAVE IT AT 0). 1 for oadefault. 2-6: set pitch.
/cg_drawHolyShit to hide the easteregg if you dont like it:P
/cg_flagstatusstyle -1 if you want to hide the flagstatus displayed at the top. (why would you, retard?!)
/cg_damageplum -1 if you dont want to see the damageplums. (they are cool, you want it as default)
/cg_drawtimer <value> : time your RA to the second like a true genius! move your timer on the y coordinate with this value!

hint: set /cg_drawteamoverlay 1 to see your carrier's health in upper flagstatus (only name is displayed in insta because hp doesnt mean anything there, still useful, set it!)
edit: not needed anymore, still, set it as 1 will be a healthbar there soon
2016-10-04 NEWS:
there is that new sound when the carrier drops the flag.
disable with /cg_flagDropSound -1 if you dont like it and please send me your preferred wav.
i will add some more selectable sounds later, this one right now is not the best choice.
or maybe it is, give it some time! it might feel weird at first but knowing when your or enemy's carrier is down is a very useful thing.
2016-09-01 NEWS:
open console, type fm press [TAB] to see the available fmvars
they are quite self-explanatory but here are some docu

fm_dropTimethe display time of that little flagdrop-notification text in milliseconds. use -10000 to hide it, 0 for default (1600 iirc)
fm_chatFontSize you can guess these. use 0 for mod's default setting
fm_chatTime display time of each chat msgs in ms. use -10000 to hide chat, 0 for default 12 secs, fm_chatbeep -1 to mute beep
fm_consoleTime same but for console
fm_chatbeep 0-9 the chat's beep style. 0 means default oa beep. imo try 2, -1 mutes
fm_teamchatbeep try 5 for this one, -1 to mute
fm_votebeep yes

2016-07-31 NEWS:


failmod (v0.10, 0.11+) has its own extended /colorpalette now!
2016-07-22 NEWS:

you only need this:
1) type .cn in public chat to get the clientnumbers
2) type
@put clientnumber team
to put them in desired team!
3) done

this puts player with client number 4 in red team:
@put 4 r
this puts player with client number 13 in blue team:
@put 13 b
this puts player with client number 9 in spectator team:
@put 9 s

this one kicks player number 18
@kick 18

and this one kicks him for the duration of the map
@kickmap 8


thanks to anti-winjoin, he will not be able to rejoin the wrong team after a .put! have fun!