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Past Quotes

Do not miss any quote! There is so much wisdom on the server! Presenting: Wise Quotes of past 100 days!
Every day a line from public chat is selected as the quote of the day. Usually they are intriguing and entertaining. Sometimes they are boring and meaningless; depending on the phase of the moon and some random factors.
Anyway, you really don't want to miss them, so here they are!

Through long decades, when enough quotes have accumulated, the leather bound hard copy version titled "Wise Quotes from :F normal ctf for stupids" will be finally sent to Sotheby's for auction. The collected wealth will be translated into server upgrade and maintenance.
Please keep them coming, the future of :F stupid depends on You!
I wholeheartedly believe this route is the cleanest and the more rewarding in the long run compared to plastering the site with "Donate" PayPal stickers.
By using the public chat service on the servers (except genius) you are retroactively and very proudly agree to using your witty line as the quote of the day. Opt out by starting your sentence with an exclamation mark! The quotes are selected by a sophisticated algorithm, no private information should be leaked. Only the last half million lines are used for selection; It implies an actual quote is usually not related to the date it was selected for.
If you are bullied in any of the quotes, drop a msg to remove the offending one!