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Recognition FAILED :(

Unfortunately, the identification procedure was unsuccessful.

Things you should try:

 -  This is the most important: Finish (emphasis on finish) a game either in spec or in a team and try again! When you finished, click retry!
 -  If you have dynamic IP address make sure you played the game before you received a new address. You can be sure if you play one right now!
 -  If you are using some kind of a proxy (vpn, port redirect, etc) you should use the same one when refreshing!
 -  You should accept cookies! Delete cookies for this domain if you still have problems!
 -  Automatic identification does not work for DM yet! Play at least one CTF game! (see step 1)
 -  If you are using a mobile browser, the browser could have it's own proxy. Or even your ISP could use one to reduce cell data usage. These two also can prevent a succesful identification! Disable the proxy if you have the option, or use a desktop browser!