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You can reach me via the following ways:

  • Drop a mail to failgun.oa@gmail.com

  • Send an .fgnote like this:

    .fgnote <msg> in public chat (it will not be displayed!) on any :F server, where msg is your message! (Yes, it starts with a dot.)

    Example: .fgnote please add pillcity to rotation!!

    Do not send too long msgs, they will silently get truncated, send as much as you would in a normal chat line! Send them in little chunks if unsure and really talkative! No colors please, and no "/" character (watch out for links)!
    Drawback: I cant reply :<
  • Summon me by talking shit about this cute little server or about me!

  • Meet me in game, not that hard to recognize =)

  • Or fill out this form: (can't reply here yet, enter your mail for an answer!)

    nick: (
    Please be recognized! click here, come back and Refresh this page!
    mail: (not required)


    Are you a Sugper V1agara spammer? Enter the name of the most played CTF map in OA!
    face, oa_bases5, oasago2, oa_bases7, kineterra1
    HINT: it's the THIRD one! Make a typo and visit our sponsors!