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L!ve clan????

Sadly there isn't anything live-clan related on this site:(

You might be looking for defrag server and stats. Seems like w!ng abandoned it for good:/

The domain name (live-clan.de) points to this address ( however I (the admin of this server) have nothing to with the situation. Haven't seen w!ng (PBUH) in ages: last time in 2015 for a brief hello.
If you see any old l!ve members around, ask them! They might have his contact somewhere.

Or alternatively you could just set up a defrag server, it's quite easy, but let's face it: the amount of work he put in his servers to make them that great was enormous. It will take a long time for anyone to clone them. Great servers from a great guy. w!ng was definitely one of the friendliest and kindest player/serveradmin/coder of this game with a deadly rail. We will miss him and always remember him. R.I.P.

I personally feel sorry for your loss:( but come on, you should be happy for him, he found a better timewaster! Let's hope he changes his mind, the domain pointing to stupid does not look promising though.

Until then, take a look around here, and /connect stupidctf.tk to have some fun fragging some guys! You know, how this game supposed to be played ;)